Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your rates negotiable?

Yes.  Each event is unique based on dates, goal, duration and travel.

Can we include travel?

Yes. Travel expenses are: air, hotel, meals and transportation.

Can you send materials?

Yes.  I can email, ship, or bring them to you.

Do you have references?

Yes. See my website,

May we record you?

Yes.  It can be negotiated as part of our conditions.

Will you arrive on time?

Yes. I will even arrive early!  I like to greet the guests for you.

Will you sign your books?

Yes. I can pre- sign books or sign them as purchased.

Do you customize content?

Yes.  I have a core for each topic.  Content is customizable to your theme.

Can you do an all-day event?

Yes.  I can mix keynotes, classes, and break – out sessions as needed.

Can you speak then leave?

Yes. I can wow them, then leave them, if preferred?

Are there multi-day discounts?

Yes.  Since I am already there, I can be flexible on continual trainings.

Are you available short notice?

Yes.  I prefer customizable time.  I can be your last-minute keynote hero!

Do you take payment plans?

Yes.  I can accept deposits to hold dates and final payment upon arrival.

Do you have a written policy

Yes.  My agreement form includes all needed conditions to protect us both.

Are you an ethical speaker?

Yes.  In 23 years, I have never been sued or accused and have an A+ BBB.

Can you provide ROI?

Yes. We have data improving listening, sales, attitudes and efficiency.

Have you been re-booked?

Yes.  68% of our annual revenue are repeat clients and conferences.

Can you do multiple formats?

Yes.  I specialize in three: Keynotes, Interactive workshops, and Breakouts.

Do you speak to all sizes?

Yes.  I have spoken in front of audiences ranging from 1 to 14,000.

Do you have a specialty?

Yes. My best is humorous motivational keynotes on attitude and excellence.

Do you speak alone?

Yes.  I don’t have a co-speaker or presenter.

Can you adjust your time frame?

Yes. I have given a 9-min keynote and a 90 min keynote on the same topic.

Are you interactive?

Yes.  Whether a keynote or workshop, all engagements are high energy!

Will you do a welcome video?

Yes.  I can customize a video for you to share to help promote the event.

Can you talk to all levels?

Yes. My specialty is front line staff and managers but also executives.

Are your clientele diverse?

Yes.  I have clients in: hospitality, finance, sales, HR, education and private.