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With audiences gripped on his every word as he engages the listener with personal tales of triumph and tragedy, Vincent Phipps, CSP, provides valuable insight on crucial topics such as: great communication skills and relationship building, professionalism, goal setting, and customer service.

The air sparks with energy as his enthusiasm captivates anyone fortunate enough to attend one of Vincent’s keynote speeches, classes, or workshops. Attendees are inspired by his message of perseverance, and most importantly they are given the confidence and motivation to make impactful choices that improve their lives and the quality of their work.

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Clients & Partners

What a wonderful presentation. We got the biggest kick out of it and the information was so good too! I’m so glad we featured you last because you got us all charged up for communicating better with our members and our staff. We just had an absolute ball! Thank you very much. We will be bringing you back again!

Vincent is the only speaker we’ve ever had to receive a perfect 100% across the board from our entire staff when evaluating: Value, Presentation Skills, Relevance, and Enjoyment.  Our executive teams also increased our sales after attending Vincent’s sales presentation, “Speak Like a Pro!”  I have also greatly benefitted from Vincent’s individual coaching and will routinely send my key leaders to Vincent’s “Lead Out Loud” professional development program.

This man is a communication and leadership master! Vincent’s personal speech coaching led to my receiving a standing ovation during the Small Business Chamber of Commerce Awards Luncheon. My Operations Manager, External Affairs Manager, and Leadership teams have all graduated from Vincent’s communication and leadership programs. My staff and I continually refer back to his negotiation and listening techniques to resolve issues, build team rapport, and maintain the relationships with our clients and community supporters.